As versatile as the craft itself is, so are the demands on workers in this field.

Yet the shortage of skilled workers is enormous. In Austria, there is a shortage of 83,190 employees in the skilled crafts sector (Quelle), in Germany 250.000 (Quelle). We are thus faced with a Herculean task..
Plumber, bricklayer, tiler, tinsmith, roofer… The list of shortage occupations is almost endless.

Is your company affected by this?
We accompany you through these difficult times and bring skilled workers into your business.

We accompany you professionally every step of the way, from placement to initial contact with the employee, and also offer various training opportunities (e.g. for the necessary language skills and work skills).

We recruit craftspeople from the south of Europe, preferably from Spain, Portugal and Italy. The culturally similar structures in these countries help with the integration of the workers.

Our uncomplicated and unbureaucratic solutions help to find the urgently needed employees quickly and easily.

Our greatest strengths compared to our competitors are summarised below:

  • Favourable and transparent recruitment commissions
  • Simple and hassle-free processes

  • A diverse range of skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled workers (because every company has different requirements for its employees).

  • Sophisticated, modern technology that supports rapid placement

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Take advantage of our assets:
  • Expertise through decades of experience
  • Simple and hassle-free processes
  • Transparent and favourable commissions
  • State-of-the-art technology to assist the search
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