Looking for Staff in the Catering & Hospitality Industries?

Are you looking for staff in the kitchen, for waiting tables or at the reception?
We can help!

Thanks to experience of several decades in the catering industry we can offer you specially tailored solutions. From restaurateurs to restaurateurs! Because only professionals understand what professionals need.

Chef de Cuisine, Entremétier, Maître d’hôtel, Sous Chef?! We understand you and the industry. We support you in finding staff and to successfully overcome any bureaucratic obstacles.

You don’t need permanent workers but seasonal ones? Again, we can help! Thanks to our partner businesses in Italy, Spain and Portugal with great connections to an extensive pool of seasonal workers.  Our service comprises the recruitment of European skilled workers, semi-skilled workers and unskilled workers. Because you don’t always need a chef. If desired your new staff will undergo training to further linguistic, cultural and professional skills.

We are by your side as you are looking for new personnel – hassle-free and simple!

What distinguishes us from others?
  • Professional expertise from decades of experience
  • Simple and unbureaucratic processes
  • Transparent and favourable comissions
  • State-of-the-art technology to assist the process
See for yourself and get in touch today!
See for yourself and contact us today!
Take advantage of our assets:
  • Expertise through decades of experience
  • Simple and hassle-free processes
  • Transparent and favourable commissions
  • State-of-the-art technology to assist the search
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