Looking for staff in your commercial business?

Few lines of business are as diverse as the commercial one. There are hundreds of departments within the guild – and hundreds of possibilities. However, the whole field is concerned by one problem. A lack of personnel. More than 30.000 open positions – in Austria alone – are a reason to worry. But there is also an upside!

Positions in commerce are the easiest to fill. Within Europe conditions are favourable and unskilled workers can be trained relatively quick. Therefore, we are able to easily and quickly search and find suitable staff for you at a low price. Our agents are constantly enrolling new workers for you and your company in the South of Europe – particularly in Spain, Portugal and Italy.

Because we know how important it is to have reliable employees.
We offer everything in one place: We recruit and train your staff as you desire. And all of it for a favourable price that is hard to match.

Whether it is skilled workers, semi-skilled workers or unskilled helpers you need – you decide. We take care of the rest. Are you interested?

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  • Expertise through decades of experience
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  • State-of-the-art technology to assist the search
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